Gal. 2:1-5 “Freedom in the Gospel of Grace”

Galatians 2:1-5

It would’ve been easier in that setting, Jerusalem being hundreds of miles from Galatia. Paul could’ve appeased the Jews surrounding him, pressuring him with their OT arguments and established Jewish traditions. Shouldn’t at least some of the OT requirements be adopted by the Gentile Christians?

But Paul says nay! “The truth of the gospel”: Jesus is all you need to be right with God and part of His family forever. This is the good news! The truth of the gospel is more precious than safety and men’s approval. And not just the “truth of the gospel” but the precious people whom Paul’d seen set free by believing the gospel.

Paul stood his ground against his own countrymen, that the truth of the gospel might be preserved “for you”—Galatians, Gentiles! Formerly outside of God’s people, separated from blessings and promises, but now fully members of God’s family by faith in the Jesus Paul had preached to them.

Paul loved these Christians. He would fight for their freedom and joy!

Gal. 2:1-5 “Freedom in the Gospel of Grace”